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A BBQers Guide to Holiday Recipes

At BBQ Outlets nothing says Happy Holidays like chestnuts roasting on a premium grill and yuletide carols being sung around an outdoor kitchen. Grab your grilling apron because we have rounded up some of the top holiday BBQ recipes for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

A few pieces of charred pike fish filet on the grill.

Grilling for Christmas dinner frees up a lot of room for other indoor cooking. Any of the premium brands of grills we offer would be perfect to use in your dream outdoor kitchen this holiday. Just try smoking a delicious ham or turkey with Kamado Joe grills. Maybe you’re taking a trip to the in-laws but aren’t a fan of their grill–not only is a Hitchfire grill the perfect holiday gift, but it’s also the perfect portable grill for some quick BBQ at Christmas away from home. BBQ Outlets wants you to have plenty of dreams with filets dancing in your head.

So we’ve rounded up some fantastic holiday grilling recipes for the traditional and non-traditional holiday appetites.

Holiday Grilling Recipes

Don’t let any course of your meal be compared to a lump of coal. The items on our following recipe wish list are sure to delight.

Maybe you’re looking for a fun or unique appetizer? Well, we got you covered with recipes like the Cheese Ball Pops from Framed Cooks. Or maybe you want to wake up the family with the sweet smell of some Smoked Cinnamon Rolls from The Ginger Bread Girl. Regardless of what kind of Christmas barbecue recipes you may be looking for, we made sure to find something that each person sitting around your table this holiday season will enjoy.


BBQ offers some yummiest appetizers. Everyone wants their holiday dinner to be perfect from start to finish. One of our favorite recipes is for Cheese Ball Pops from our pals over at Framed Cooks. Mouthwatering!


We always appreciate a well-cooked holiday ham (and totally recommend you smoke your ham), but we also have a few other Christmas barbecue recipes that will leave everyone’s bellies feeling happy and full. No matter which bbq entree recipe you choose, we know they are all to be a sure-fire hit:

Side Dishes

Not even the tastiest and most perfectly grilled entree recipe at Christmas is complete without an appetizing side dish. Side dishes can enhance the flavors of the rest of the meal and can be some of the recipes that people crave the most when it comes time for the holidays. We made sure to find you the most excellent and scrumptious sides:


Don’t box yourself in this holiday by saving dessert for last. Heck, you may even want to wake up the morning of your holiday and make a sugary dish to start your day! No matter when you end up eating dessert, we have some holiday grilling recipes for a few sweet treats that will have even those of you who are normally ones to wait until the end to eat a slice of pie, questioning if you should sneak a bite instead at the beginning:

Behind all of the delicious bbq recipes at Christmas stands the perfect premium grill manned by the most excellent grill master. Not sure what to give the grill master in your life for the holidays, or want to gift yourself something special? BBQ Outlets has all of our best deals laid out for you in ‘A Grillmaster’s Holiday Gift Guide‘.

From our backyard sanctuary to yours–we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Grilling Season and Happy Holidays!


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