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A Grillmaster’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s getting to be that time of year again. As winter approaches, we find ourselves thinking about the warmth that comes from spending time with loved ones. The holiday season is a time for plenty of things–sharing a meal with loved ones, decorating your home, and learning to appreciate the things that keep us cozy and warm.

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At BBQ Outlets, we often find ourselves warmest around a grill. Part of the joy of grilling is giving something you’ve made to your loved ones, and we think it’s an experience everyone should have. So this holiday season, consider an outdoor kitchen, grill, or accessories when looking for the best gifts for dads, moms, or anyone special in your life. Below we’ve compiled some of our best grilling gifts, including our Black Friday grill deals:

Best Grilling Gifts

Which of our products are the best grilling gifts? The grills, of course! Smokers like Kamado Joes’ trusty ceramic grills are the best gifts for dads (or whoever the pitmaster in your house is) this time of year. Kamado Joes are known for their simplicity and excellent heat retention, making them good for beginning grillmasters or those looking for a low and slow cooking style as a great way to while away those cold winter days. For as low as $399, you can give one of the best grilling gifts there is.

If your loved one is in the market for a portable propane grill, BBQ Outlets also offers this affordable Napoleon propane grill. This grill can be set up in as little as ten seconds and features handy foldable legs and handle.

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Blaze also offers an excellent line of gas and charcoal grills alike, including this 32-inch free-standing stainless steel charcoal grill for less than $2,000, a steal for a commercial-grade piece of hardware. The grill comes with a best-in-class lifetime warranty and durable, precision-cut, 304 stainless steel components. 

If you’re in search of an all-in-one grilling package deal, BBQ Outlets offers a range of Blaze Premium gas grills that come with a cover and stainless steel access doors that will get your outdoor island cooking in no time.

You could also consider a portable grill to bring along to your next tailgate. College and NFL playoffs are fast approaching, so consider ordering a HitchFire grill: the grill that hooks up to your tailgate when you’re en route to the game, then swings wide to give you all the cooking space you need.

Black Friday Grill Deals

This holiday season, BBQ Outlets just had to get in on those Black Friday grill deals. We are offering 50% off your custom BBQ island when you buy a premium grill from us now through January 4, 2022. Be sure to call in to ensure you qualify.

Or, check out our promotions page to check out rebates and freebies offered by premium brands Hestan and DCS.

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If you’ve already built your outdoor kitchen with us (who else would you design with?) we have plenty of additional outdoor furniture to accessorize and spruce up your space. This includes full furniture sets, like this Aruba II 5 piece aluminum patio set for about $2,000.

Waiting for the weather to turn so you can soak up the sun next summer? We have a range of reclining chairs in a variety of colors, including these Palm Springs-appropriate aqua chairs and this set with a classic, natural fabric.

Outdoor Pizza Oven DIY Deals

Looking for a gift for a handy member of the family? Have you been jonesing for some good pizza, and wish you could make it at home? We’ve got you covered. Our range of Chicago DIY pizza ovens come in three different packages, but all feature a unique flue design that keeps the air flowing and the oven hot. With interior oven space ranging from 27 inches by 22 inches to 53 inches by 39 inches, you can install the perfect oven in your backyard without trying to start from scratch.

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Of course, if you’re more of a set it and forget it type of person, we’ve also got several ready-to-go freestanding and easy-to-install options as well. For freestanding, consider the Alfa 4 Pizze Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven. These grills are hand-crafted in Italy, and feature enough space to lay down two pizzas for the fire. Even better, the oven gets so hot you’ll have yours ready in 5 minutes or less. Mamma mia!

And if you’re looking for a real out-of-the-box experience, consider the Summerset Freestanding Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven. Another freestanding option, Summerset is made with durable 304 stainless steel, but features a unique wood chip smoker box to impart some truly unexpected flavor in your next pizza.

More BBQ Christmas Gifts

Look, we get it, it can be hard to surprise your loved one with a sneakily installed custom BBQ island in the backyard. For one thing, where do you find the giant bow to place on top? Luckily, BBQ Outlets understands the value of an understated gift.

Consider, for example, the joy of a humble beverage cooler. Sure, it’s cold now, but come summer any grillmaster would be glad to have easy access to a crisp beverage of any kind while they’re out searing steak over the heat. On the most affordable end of the scale, BBQ Outlets stocks the spacious $389 Danby beverage center, which can hold 120 cans and utilizes a tempered glass door with stainless-steel trim to block out harmful UV rays. We also stock the top-flight DCS outdoor refrigerator drawers, which contain the depth to store 2-liter sodas or wine bottles alike and will make your outdoor kitchen fully kitted out.

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There are plenty of options for BBQ Christmas gifts on our site beyond just the ones mentioned here. When it comes to the holidays, you shouldn’t compromise on the grill of your dreams–or your family’s dreams. For those in Southern California, be sure to stop by our showrooms for additional advice and deals, you may never know what you need until you see it for yourself!

Happy Holidays from BBQ Outlets, and Merry Grillin’ to all!


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