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A Grillmaster’s Ideal Wedding Registry

Outdoor wedding reception in a backyard with guests sitting at a table with food and drinks and cheering for the newlyweds who are standing and kissing.

The weather is slowly starting to warm and that means even more backyard gatherings and summer events. It also means it’s peak wedding season. Here at BBQ Outlets we put together our own wedding registry for the grillmaster in your life, and if you want to save some dollars on the wedding and put equity into your home, order the perfect outdoor kitchen to host nuptials in the backyard.

Wedding Registry Ideas for Outdoor Couples

So you know that you and your soon-to-be-spouse want to upgrade your backyard space or outdoor patio with a new bbq grill or smoker and other grill-related accessories, but maybe you don’t know where to start or you only want to add a few things to the registry.

We’ve got you covered with some of our top suggestions for outdoor luxury appliances and some notable luxury brands.

  • Consider the Trends – This is the year that you may finally come to terms with why you need an outdoor griddle, if you haven’t yet already considered one. Not only will it feel like you’re bringing some of the classic indoor kitchen home appliances to the outside, but you will be able to enjoy brunch with your beau in style.
  • Think Big…While we don’t expect everyone to buy you an outdoor pizza oven that attends your wedding, there is definitely nothing wrong with putting one on the list! Not only will it add even more interest to your already expanding luxury outdoor space, but you can become a pizza pro in your own rights. Impress your sweetie and enjoy some cheesy goodness freshly made out of your own outdoor pizza oven!
  • A Little Bit of Everything – Maybe you are already feeling overwhelmed as is with all the other planning and decision-making, so to make it even easier on you – there is always the option to add one of our outdoor kitchen island kits to your registry. They all include a premium grill itself, a grill cover, and some sort of storage. A few of the ones that have even more additions in their packages include things like side burners, which are especially great for when cooking different types of food at separate temperatures or in various ways.

BBQ Summer Wedding Gifts for 2022

Shine at your friend or family member’s wedding, and give a unique registry item. We have some perfectly curated ideas for summer wedding gifts.

  • Everyone Loves Accessories – Perhaps the soon-to-be-married couple has seemingly everything they need for their luxe outdoor space, which is exactly when outdoor grill accessories come into play. Top-tier brands like Evo – which are known for their flattop grills and thus providing a memorable and unique outdoor cooking experience – offer a wide range of grill parts and Evo grill accessories for their cookers. However, there’s also another accessory that is often overlooked and never considered in terms of outdoor dining gifts, and that is outdoor kitchen refrigerators. These are an excellent addition to any outdoor living space and kitchen, as it brings even more elements from inside the home to the outside. The lovebirds can enjoy chilled drinks while grilling or after a long night and cozying up by an outdoor fire pit table or outdoor fireplace.
  • Our Best Brands for the Big Day – Although we have many premium brands that we offer at BBQ Outlets, there are a few in particular that we wanted to highlight and know that any couple would be over the moon to receive a grill from.
    • Fire Magic – This is a brand that you will wish that you would have looked into sooner. All of our current selection of Fire Magic Grills come with a superior cooking system with a larger area to enjoy grillin’ up even more delicious barbecue. Around for over 75 years and proudly made in the USA, you’ll be proud to display one of those stainless steel beauties in your backyard paradise. 
    • Blaze – Just like its namesake, this brand is truly on fire in the world of grilling and barbecue. Blaze grills are known in the industry and world of outdoor cooking for their incredible options for gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills, etc. – you name it – and Blaze more than likely already made your dreams come true!
    • Hestan – Another brand that has revolutionized the market for outdoor grilling, Hestan began decades ago. Their brand is tried, true, and trusted and have been focused on providing the ultimate experience in outdoor dining for anyone that makes the leap and purchases a luxury Hestan grill.
    • Hitchfire – Different from some of the other brands we have already mentioned, Hitchfire grills are the ultimate gift for those couples that spend a lot of time outdoors and are adventurous. As the case may be, the couple could love being outside in nature and going to new places and is not usually at home, which makes this a great solution for them. An exceptional grill that can be used when away from home and when doing fun activities like tailgating, camping, or exploring.
    • Kamado Joe – One of the leading brands in slow cooking, there has been a rise in Kamado Joe grills popularity. While it may take some time for the couple to receive this as a gift if you do decide to purchase one, it will all be worth it in the end with all of the bells and whistles that will have them smiling, and the new styles of cooking that will completely open their doors wide open in the world of delicious barbecue.
    • Twin Eagles – A leading American brand that has provided quality outdoor cooking to families for decades, Twin Eagles offers grills that are engineered and crafted to be superior and last a lifetime. Not only are Twin Eagles grills exceptional in their overall cooking performance, but they also add interest to the overall outdoor kitchen environment with their sleek look that everyone will enjoy.

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