Father and son grilling hot dogs together outdoors as the son takes the tray of cooked food away that reads, 'A Guide to the Best Father's Day Weekend'

A Guide to the Best Father’s Day Weekend

A time for celebrating dad and/or the influential men in your life, Father’s Day is sure to be a sizzling hit when following the recommendations and tips in this guide.

Read on to see what BBQ Outlets offers for the best grill gifts on Father’s Day. Discover our top picks for the best meats and some of our favorite quick highlights on making Dad’s Day truly unforgettable.

Our Top 3 Grill Gifts for Father’s Day

Picking out the perfect present for one of the most important people in your life is no easy feat. We rounded up our top 3 grill gifts that Dad will be sure to love!

  • A FREE MeatStick Smart Wireless Thermometer – For a limited time, if you purchase any of our premium grills, you will receive a FREE MeatStick Smart Wireless Thermometer. There is no minimum purchase necessary in order to receive the gift. With real-time temperatures and data that is sent directly to your smartphone, you can cook up the most excellently seared steaks, and that will be guaranteed each time. This is a thermometer that is designed to last, as it is so durable that it can even withstand being submerged in something like a deep fryer.
  • Hardwood Pellets -The premium hardwood pellets by Memphis are all-natural and come in 20-pound bags. You can choose between oak pellets, pecan, cherry, hickory, apple, and mesquite. Hardwood pellets can enhance the flavor of so many different smoked backyard delicacies. From cherry or apple pellets for a tender cut of pork to hickory or oak for ribs and beef brisket or pecan for smoking some venison. Hardwood pellets are ideal for any backyard BBQ maestro who enjoys smoking their barbecue and who seems to have every other thing they could already possibly need for a top-notch Father’s Day cookout.
  • Beer Dispensing Kegerator – Maybe the BBQ dad in your life already has everything they want for their outdoor sanctuary – but something we can ensure that they don’t already have is our Alfresco Beer Dispensing Kegerator Kit. Nothing goes better with some juicy burgers or nicely browned and flavorful brats than a freshly poured beer. Upgrade their oasis with this thoughtful grilling gift that will have you even more excited to grill with dad in the future.

Trending Tricks for Hosting the Best Father’s Day BBQ

So now that you have the ultimate gift for the dad or important guy in your life, consider how you would like your Father’s Day Weekend to play out.

Perhaps you plan on keeping it small and just having you and your dad for lunch or dinner. Or maybe you plan on having some neighbors and other friends over. For all we know, maybe this is the time of year that all of the family gets together because the weather is nice and the kids and grandkids are out of school. Whatever your gathering may look like, we recommend preparing a few things in advance so that your time together can go seamlessly and be filled with lots of laughter and fun.

For example, if you would like to serve your guests a marinated steak, try prepping the sauce, seasoning, or marinade the night before and even letting it soak in a closed container or ziplock bag in the fridge overnight for extra flavor. Or possibly if you want to serve up some fresh summer veggies either grilled or raw – save yourself time by getting those ready a few hours in advance too and then putting them in a sealed container. Enjoy more time with your loved ones, and less time arranging your meals to grill.

Always have ways for your attendees to cool off but also enjoy themselves. Mix up some adult-friendly drinks and some for the kiddos and for those who may prefer a non-alcoholic beverage – just don’t forget the ice! Also have ready an assortment of activities, including water activities or games for a pool so that while you are busy at the grill with dad, your party-goers are keeping their minds off of the tasty aromas that are now filling the whole backyard or patio.

No matter what, remember that any time with dad or the important guys in your life this Father’s Day weekend will make it a memorable moment for all.


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