Artisan Gas Grill Expert Review

Overall, we give the Artisan Gas Grill 4.1 out of 5 steaks.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
An Artisan Gas Grill with its hood open showing its rotisserie kit and its components are made from 304 series grade stainless steel.


  • Overall Value – 4.0
  • Construction Quality – 4.0
  • High Heat Output – 5.0
  • Consistent Temperature – 4.0
  • Temperature Range – 4.0
  • Design/Style – 4.0
  • Flare-Up Prevention – 4.0
  • Warranty Coverage – 3.5
  • Innovation – 4.0
  • Brand’s Customer Service – 4.0

The Basics:

  • Solid 304 grade stainless steel build
  • Nice line of coordinating accessories
  • Made in the USA
  • Great performance for the price – good value

Our Review:

This review covers Artisan brand’s BBQ grills as a whole. Artisan has two series of grills – the American Eagle grill series and Professional grill series. American Eagle is available in either a 26-inch or a 32-inch grill, while the Artisan Professional is available in a 32-inch or 36-inch grill.

Artisan instantly draws you in with the classic, retro design seen in all of their grills. You’ll find Artisan grills have a polished look to them with smooth edges and seamless welding. These grills are made in the USA and constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, making them incredibly durable.

From the top down, outside in, a nice feature is the spring-assisted hood that is easy to lift. The hood is double-lined, which has the added benefit of protecting the hood from getting discolored in high heat as well as adding durability to the hood. Not only that, but the grill also retains heat better since it’s essentially double insulated.

In terms of burners, Artisan grills have pretty powerful stainless steel burners, especially among other grills within its price range. Additionally, Artisan grills are good at maintaining an even, consistent temperature across the entire grill surface. Each “u-shaped” burner has two rows of burner ports, which positively impacts the high heat output. In fact, we rate the high heat output of Artisan grills a 5 out of 5 steaks.

The above features apply to the Artisan Professional series gas grills in addition to several other extra features like a rotisserie kit and rear infrared burner. We also really love the internal halogen grill lights and LED control panel lights found in the Professional series because you can grill out regardless of how light it is outside. They’re also an attractive addition visually.

The warranties on Artisan gas grills are adequate, but not lifetime. Burners are covered for 15 years, and all of the stainless steel grill parts have a 10-year warranty. Flame tamers are backed for three years. All of the other components (including the igniters) are only covered for one year from your date of purchase.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a well-made and durable gas grill made of all stainless steel, Artisan would be a solid brand to consider. This American-made gas barbecue grill can consistently put out a high heat, and it comes with an affordable price tag.