Blaze Professional LUX Gas Grill Expert Review

Overall, we give the Blaze Professional LUX Gas Grill 4.7 out of 5 steaks.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
A Blaze grill that is part of the Professional LUX Gas Grill line and is made from 304 grade stainless steel and includes a rotisserie kit.


  • Overall Value – 5.0
  • Construction Quality – 5.0
  • High Heat Output – 5.0
  • Consistent Temperature – 4.0
  • Temperature Range – 4.5
  • Design/Style – 5.0
  • Flare-Up Prevention – 4.0
  • Warranty Coverage – 5.0
  • Innovation – 4.0
  • Brand’s Customer Service – 5.0

The Basics:

  • Use of quality 304 grade stainless steel materials in almost all components of the grill
  • Increased width of the hexagonal searing rods sitting at 12mm in thickness
  • A gas grill that is all inclusive with components like an LED system, rotisserie kit, full-width grease tray, etc.

Our Review:

With a captivating design, the premium brand of Blaze did not stop at just the aesthetics with their Professional LUX Gas Grill. They made sure that almost the entire grill is made from the most quality stainless steel and is constructed using 304 grade throughout. This ensures the overall strength and longevity of the grill when constructed with such a high caliber of materials. 

Along the area where all the grillin’ action takes place, is the Flame Stabilizing System. This mechanism disperses heat uniformly while sheltering the burners from any troublesome dribbles. The system will automatically incinerate any droplets from causing problems for you while grillin’ so that you are completely safe and do not have to worry about any flare-ups. Probably one of the best features of the flame tamers that are included in this system is their overall construction and design. Unlike other flame tamers on the market, these are 12-gauge and measure in at 4.5 pounds of solid stainless steel that is also 304 grade. 

Of course, then there is one of the most essential parts of the grill and where all the action happens – the cooking surface. On this particular gas grill by Blaze, the Professional LUX features models that are comprised of either 2, 3, or 4 burners and hexagonal searing rods that are 12mm in thickness, 20 inches deep, and extend to 30.25 inches wide. This allows you an ample amount of room for grillin’ with all of the space available to do so. The standout feature of these searing rods though is their weight, which is on the heavier end for cooking surfaces, weighing in collectively at 11.5 lbs. We also can’t forget the obvious difference in shape either, which allows for more of your food to touch the metal allowing for larger searing marks, caramelization, and quicker recovery from the heat when turning food over.

While the overall design and appearance of this particular gas grill by Blaze is breathtaking, it’s important to also keep in mind all of the other components that make the Professional LUX special. Beneath the hood of this grill, pay special attention to the burners, as they are not just ordinary burners that many may have experience with when it comes to outdoor cooking. These H-style, stainless steel burners can become white-hot for a total of 54,000 BTUs. Or maybe if you’re looking to cook something at a lower amount of BTUs, consider using the rotisserie kit with the infrared burner located in the back that pushes out a consistent 10,000 BTUs. The kit is included with the grill and is completely confined and allows you to store it later when not in use on hooks, and comes with a motor that is water-resistant. No longer feel like you need to settle with other grills, as nothing quite compares to the Professional LUX and the power it has. 

We really came to love – and know you will too – many other areas and features of the grill. A favorite feature of ours is the ability for the warming rack to be able to be removed. The warming rack alone adds an extra 201 square inches of cooking area to the grill, allowing you to also keep your side dishes warm. We also really enjoy the design of the drip pan as it rests on rollers that glide. The pan itself is full-width and ensures a much easier way of tidying up at the end of grillin’.

Another standout feature of the Professional LUX is the impressive ignition system. This system is patented and includes a Push & Turn Flame-Thrower with Backup Flashtube & Crossover Channels. In other words, no matter what happens, every single burner is supported by another contributor to the ignition of the grill via the flash tubes. 

Although we could spend all day talking about the ignition system and burners, these are only a few of the remarkable operations of this grill. The Blaze Professional LUX comes with Heat Zone Dividers. These dividers glide in place between each burner and administer a vast spectrum of heat distribution and versatility. When using the dividers it becomes much easier to have one area be white-hot, while another is the ideal area for sizzling to a finish.

An additional feature we feel that should also be pointed out is the control panel that has a couple of extra buttons working in combination with the LED Illuminated Control System, and will really have everyone falling in love. The uppermost button turns on the two interior lights, allowing you to grill and entertain long into the nighttime with family and friends. While the bottom button illuminates the control knobs of the Professional LUX in the brand’s identifiable and modern red glow. 

If you move even lower along the grill, you will find the side shelves and well-designed wheels. There are two side shelves that are spacious and able to fold up or down, and are also above two drawers that can be used for organization, and an access door. All of this means one thing – more versatility and accessibility for how you use the features of the cart. One of the best, and often overlooked, elements of the cart are the four wheels that are durable and able to lock into place. This makes it even easier for you to move the grill whenever, and wherever you want in your backyard and outdoor kitchen. 

Finally, we could absolutely not forget to mention one of the leading warranties in the industry, as this one is for a lifetime and covers each and every stainless steel part of the grill. Yes, that includes the cooking grids, the burners, flame tamers, and much, much more!

The Bottom Line:

Once you have purchased and begun to use the Professional LUX, it will become immediately evident to you that Blaze worked hard to manufacture and design one of the best luxury gas grills in the world of outdoor cooking. Not only is the overall design and build of this particular grill ingenious, but the endless amounts of opportunities for various methods of cooking is something to be recognized and enjoyed. Want to roast an entire chicken using a rotisserie kit that is already provided with the grill? Or maybe you are looking for the option to grill over two dozen burgers at once and pile them onto a platter? Then look no further than the Blaze Professional LUX Gas Grill. This isn’t a grill that will make just the task of grillin’ efficient and easier, but also fun and enjoyable with all of its bells and whistles.