Family Handyman Mentions BBQ Outlets and CEO Surinder Multani

A screenshot taken from the article 'How To Clean and Store Your Outdoor Kitchen for the Winter' by Family Handyman.

In Family Handyman’s recent article, How To Clean and Store Your Outdoor Kitchen for the Winter, they mention BBQ Outlets and the CEO Surinder Multani, who gives great advice on cleaning a grill:

If you won’t be using your outdoor kitchen in the winter, Surinder Multani, grill expert at BBQ Outlets, suggests thoroughly cleaning the grill before covering it up for the season.

“You’ll want to make sure you don’t attract any bug infestations or rodents from leftover food droppings in the grill,” Multani says. “An uncleaned grill is also a potential fire hazard. An excess build-up of grease can contribute to a flare-up later on.”

While those are just a few good points to consider, we recommend that during this time of year especially, you keep in mind the rest of our Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Grill After the Summer Season.


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