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Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer Celebrations

The COVID-19 pandemic hit more than two years ago, and we are still feeling the effects of it as evidenced by current supply chain issues. At BBQ Outlets we are here to help you overcome these shortages, reducing the impact on any of your outdoor kitchen remodeling or other renovations you may be doing.

Our team of experts will also work with you to design and build the perfect outdoor oasis of your dreams. Enjoy your remodeled space just in time for all the warm weather celebrations to occur outside with loved ones.

How to Upgrade Your Dream Summer Patio with Current Supply Chain Issues

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You’re seeing it and feeling it everywhere – every market is being hit left and right with the lingering effects of what has now become our reality. You may be wondering how exactly these shortages come into play for upgrading your summer patio? Perhaps you’re curious about an appropriate timeline for when to begin these larger projects? Luckily for you, we have the best tips for getting your deck ready for summer in time. Become the ultimate BBQ Grill Master who ends up hosting a backyard party that everyone talks and reminisces about time and time again.

The biggest thing we are seeing on a larger scale in this industry (much like many others) – is a shortage in labor, materials, and appliances as a whole. The long and the short of that means you need to plan, design, buy and begin constructing and upgrading your outdoor sanctuary now! Work with our team of outdoor experts and utilize our free custom design services to help you achieve the vacation at home you deserve this summer.

Our start-to-finish process can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, or sometimes longer depending on which of our notable brands you purchase. One of the top-tier brands like Blaze may take less time to receive, deliver, and install since we currently have a lot of inventory for them in stock. Whereas if you are insistent on buying a cooker from Kamado Joe just like everyone else in your area, then you may be waiting even longer than 6 to 8 weeks. Some of those particular outdoor grills and smokers are backlogged in shipping until later this year.

People laughing and smiling in a sunny outdoor backyard bbq bash while eating grilled kebabs and drinking fruity beverages with decorative straws.

Perhaps you already have the perfect grill or smoker for your setup but need something like a complete kitchen island installment. Generally speaking, this can take anywhere from 2-3 months to be complete. In other words, the time to buy everything is now to help you achieve hosting a backyard party this summer that no one will forget. It doesn’t matter if you plan on having reunions, a graduation party, an anniversary, or even a backyard wedding, our design experts have you covered with building the perfect paradise in time for all of your summer bashes.

Top 3 Considerations for Getting Your Deck Ready for Summer

Maybe you’re just looking to give your backyard living area a little facelift and aren’t yet in need of purchasing another premium grill or other outdoor kitchen essentials. Luckily for you, there are a few other ways you can be getting your deck ready for summer.

  • Replace The Patio Furniture – A quick way to grab everyone’s attention at your next BBQ bash or backyard gathering is with some comfortable but eye-catching patio furniture. Perfect for either a summer patio day by the pool or for a cooler summer night relaxing by your luxury fireplace or top-of-the-line fire pit table.
  • Consider Grill Upgrades – There are many fun and cool ways to upgrade your grill with accessories like outdoor kitchen gas side burners or with an outdoor griddle. Have your outdoor kitchen and living space stand out among your family and friends with either seemingly minor upgrade that will leave a large, lasting impression.
  • Think About Entertaining – Most importantly you need to think about how you plan on utilizing your space this summer. Will it be for poker nights with friends? A wedding for your son or daughter or another loved one? Whatever the occasion – make sure you are ready by planning and aligning any requirements with installers and contractors.

    Consider as well if your lavish outdoor kitchen will be a place where a family with young ones is around or with mostly adults and for maybe something like celebrating a college graduation. In which case, you may want to consider upgrading your outdoor kitchen bar and investing in one of our beverage centers and refrigerators.

Be prepared for all possible outdoor events this summer when you plan your perfect space, design and work with our team of outdoor experts, and make your final purchase of a luxury grill and other outdoor accessories all from BBQ Outlets.


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