Kamado Joe Classic III & Big Joe III Grills Expert Review

Overall, we give the Kamado Joe Classic III & Big Joe III grills 4.4 out of 5 steaks.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
A kamado style cooker by Kamado Joe that is called the Big Joe III and is a 24 inch ceramic grill with its lid open.


  • Overall Value – 5.0
  • Construction Quality – 4.5
  • Consistent Temperature – 4.5
  • Grilling Flexibility – 4.5
  • Design/Style – 4.5
  • Cleaning – 4.0
  • Warranty Coverage – 4.0
  • Innovation – 5.0
  • Brand’s Customer Service – 3.5

The Basics:

  • Up-and-coming leading name for kamados
  • Improved 3 tier structure for synchronic grilling
  • State-of-the-art SloRoller insert
  • Divided charcoal basket with either cooker
  • Each Kamado Joe receives a complimentary accessory bundle
  • Outstanding warranty coverage

Our Review:

For every new release of kamado-style cookers by Kamado Joe, it becomes even more perfectly clear to us that this is why their brand is one of the up-and-coming leading names in the world of grillin’. They strive for excellence and increased performance and component improvements with each model that is issued. The Kamado Joe Classic III and Big Joe III both include renovated characteristics and increased functionality to their designs. Each smoker comes with a trouble-free hinge that uses Airlift technology, an improved 3 tier structure that allows for grilling to be simultaneous, and a state-of-the-art SloRoller insert in a specialized chamber.

Beneath the lid of the Kamado Joe Classic III is an improved Airlift hinge mechanization. The newly modified hinge incorporates equalization in pressure and has spring-loaded capability. This now makes the dome-shaped lid feel incredibly lightweight upon lifting it open. In fact, because of this Airlift apparatus, the weight of the lid is now reduced by up to 96%! All of this means that not only is opening the lid even more effortless, but the possibility of slamming the lid down and causing it to be damaged is now even less likely to occur than before.

With the Kamado Joe Classic III & Big Joe III, each of these grills has a freshly upgraded rack divided into three tiers. This structure is devised in a way so that you can have each fragment move however you may require them to. Whether you choose to divide the tiers so that they are in 4 or 6 curved pieces for grilling, the possibilities are unlimited! If you decide to separate the rack into 6 areas for grilling, you can also use the two thermal diffusing panels. While, if you settle on using 4 areas of the grill for cooking, you can then try out the state-of-the-art SloRoller insert. There is also the additional opportunity to purchase 4 more curved pieces and 2 extra accessory racks for even further divided grilling, which can allow you to gain more capabilities for grilling with each cooker.

Another great feature of the improved 3 tier structure for grilling is the option to use a charcoal basket with a divider. When the divider of the charcoal basket is paired with a panel that can divert heat, this can grant you the option for indirect and direct grilling on either section. This also allows you an effortless way of dividing out the remaining charcoal from what is now ash. 

Besides all of the fun improvements to each cooker, you can now do even more when it comes to cooking to upgrade your time for smoking and grilling with each unit. There are some added alternative features for you to be able to use, like the iKamand Temperature Controller, the Joetisserie, or the Kamado Joe DoJoe Pizza Oven Attachment. 
The iKamand Temperature Controller can be used with any smartphone with the iKamand app. This allows you to have complete power over the temperature and cooking time of your kamado. The app even features fresh content, like recipes, videos, tutorials, and more!

While if you choose to use the straightforward installment of the Joetisserie, this feature can be used to completely turn your cooker into its own rotisserie. It’s a fun way to get any BBQ bash going with the option of being able to spin up to 50 pounds of any meat of your choice all at once!

Finally, there is the option to utilize the Kamado Joe DoJoe Pizza Oven Attachment. This allows you to turn your cooker into a pizza oven, as the attachment is perfectly wedge-shaped for ideal control of the temperature and also for visibility while cooking. The ceramic design of this particular add-on works with the thermal diffusing panels and has special supports and allows for the perfect space between them and the pizza stone for baking your ideal pizza.

Overall, the Kamado Joe brand aims to provide 100% satisfaction for every customer with their exceptional customer support. If an issue were to ever arise, their group of experts will come up with quick solutions for whatever the problem may be. Once you purchase a Kamado Joe, they want to make sure you stay happy and within their family with their offer of a lifetime warranty for all ceramic parts of your cooker. They also offer coverage for fiberglass gaskets for up to one year, ceramic plates for up to three years, and for all cast iron and metal parts for up to five years. Above all, they strive to make each customer have the best grilling and smoking experiences they possibly can have.

The Bottom Line:

Both the Kamado Joe Classic III & Big Joe III have newly improved and unique state-of-the-art features. Each of these cookers comes with a grilling system that is split into 3 adjustable tiers, 2 curved and divided grilling areas, 2 thermal diffusing panels that are also curved and include the SloRoller insert, 1 complimentary attachment rack, and your very own charcoal basket with a divider. This makes either of these cookers the perfect option for slow cooking with their offering of a multitude of exceptional elements for your ideal grilling or smoking experience.