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Labor Day BBQ Guide 2021

With the summer winding down to an end, and with many kids and families returning back to a more regular routine this fall, we know the perfect way for you to say, “Goodbye summer!” and “Hello fall!” is by gathering together for a BBQ bash this Labor Day. 

In this guide, you will find our hottest recommendations to make this Labor Day 2021 truly special. From fun bbq recipes and easy grilling ideas, to patio upgrades to make everyone comfortable at your home, we made sure to cover all of the necessities. Don’t worry about if you don’t plan on being home this Labor Day either! We have tips for how to make your Labor Day just as fun and effortless if you’re taking a trip to your favorite campsite – like some easy camping meals you can give a try, and portable grills you can bring along with you. 

We know that if you try even one of our suggestions out or add any of the amazing brands we offer on our website to your patio and dream backyard, or even purchase something from us like a portable grill for your trip, you are sure to have a fantastic time with the ones you love!

Upgrading Your Outdoor Kitchen & Patio

You can’t make the yummy recipes this Labor Day without having the luxury kitchen and dream backyard you’ve always imagined! There are many ways to upgrade your outdoor kitchen and patio, but we’ve got it narrowed down to a few great options for you and your barbecuin’ needs.

Dining Sets

Maybe you’ve been thinking lately of upgrading your outdoor dining set – luckily for you, there is no better time than the end of the summer, and just in time for Labor Day – to do just that! We offer many eye-catching options of dining sets for your luxury backyard. Whether you want to stand out and make an impression with a green seating area from Leeward, or have the choice of some swivel rockers from Aruba II or Belle Isle, we offer the ideal dining set for you and your entertaining needs. Decide what the best outdoor dining set is for you, by clicking the button below.

Lounge Sets

Everyone needs the perfect place to relax while waiting for the grill to heat up, or even after they are done devouring all of the yummy and fun bbq recipes. That is exactly why updating your patio with some lounge sets is an excellent decision! All of our lounge sets come in 2 pieces and are all made from top-of-the-line aluminum components, ensuring longevity for years and years to come. They all also offer sling-seating and are stackable, making it easier for you to use them whenever, and in whatever way you would like in your dream backyard. Check out what we offer by clicking the button below.

Outdoor Refrigeration

Another important staple of Labor Day cookouts is the cold beverages. Of course, there is no better way to keep them perfectly chilled than an outdoor refrigerator. We have a wide variety of selections available at our website for you to find just the right one that will fit in perfectly with your outdoor luxury kitchen. These are also great to use for storing your food in a colder environment until it is all ready to be grilled up and eaten! Find the best choice for an outdoor refrigerator by clicking the button below.

Fun BBQ Recipes for the Backyard

Now that you’ve got all the right tools and accessories in your dream backyard to make 2021’s Labor Day truly shine, we have the mouthwatering and easy grilling ideas and recipes for you to give a try! Below is a list of recipes that you can click to discover some new and tasty dishes to make this holiday truly special.

Secret Recipes

On our BBQ Outlets website, we offer a whole slew of secret recipes for you to cook up for your family and friends! A lot of these would be a great, unique recipe to share with the ones you care about the most this Labor Day. Click the button below to try one of them out for the holiday!

BBQ Across America

Earlier this summer when we were proud sponsors of Team Thin Energy to help raise money for the Bahati Foundation during Race Across America 2021, we came up with our own race, where we highlighted some signature and extraordinary recipes for the 12 states they were going to pass through on their trek across America. These recipes can be found in our News section, or by clicking the button below.

Classic & Easy Labor Day Grillin’ Recipes

We know Labor Day is a time to stop and reflect and spend time with the ones you love, so for 2021, we wanted you to have to spend as little of your time in front of the grill as possible, and more time relaxing on your upgraded patios chatting with your friends and family. When you click the button below you will discover some easy grilling ideas and fun bbq recipes we came up with that are quick and extremely delicious!

Taking a Trip? Purchase a Portable Grill!

Not everyone is going to want to spend time in their backyard this Labor Day, so we have some suggestions for those of you who might be going on a trip or camping, for the perfect portable grills you can purchase through our website.

Electric Grills

At BBQ Outlets, we offer you three different portable, electric grills manufactured by Blaze for you to choose from. Each model is 21-inches long. This makes them easy to transport and also to fit anywhere you need when on the go. All of them can also reach up to 749 degrees Fahrenheit with their 1500 watt heating component. Two of them come with side shelves and are supported by a pedestal, while the third option comes with a built-in hanging kit. Every single one is also made from 304 series stainless steel parts, allowing you to use it for not just this trip or the next ones you may have planned coming up, but for many years and trips on end. Don’t wait any longer – click the button below to purchase your portable grill now!

Easy Camping Meals for You & Your Family

Going somewhere with your family or some friends this Labor Day? Maybe it’s even just you and some camping gear headed to the camping grounds – whatever the case may be, we hand-picked the best (and most effortless) camping meals for you to try out on your portable grill.

2021 Summer Guide Food Recipes

This summer we released our guide for 2021 which included a whole bunch of tasty and popular recipes for you to try out. You can find that section by clicking the button below.

Labor Day Camping Meals

Since you have purchased and brought along a portable, electric grill from us, you now need some easy camping meals to go along with it. We have created a list of some of 2021’s most fun bbq recipes for you to try while on the road this Labor Day. Check all those delicious meals out below when you click the button.