Man preparing fish for hot charcoal grill with smoke coming out of it.

National Fishing Month Guide

Before we put a wrap on the final month of summer, let’s gather around the grill and crack open a cold one for National Fishing Month this August. Here at BBQO we put together some of our favorite suggestions for cooking with fish—from how to clean a fish, to grilling fish with skin, and more. We also made a list of some of our top grills for cooking with fish that anyone would be happy with.

The Best Grills for Fish

While nothing is stopping you from grilling on a gas grill, typically grilled fish on a charcoal grill or a smoker is better for a few reasons. Both choices allow for more flavor to seep into the fish being grilled with the use of flavored wood chips or hardwood pellets. Lighter flavored wood chips or pellets, such as pecan, are one of the greatest selections to pair when grilling fish. This still allows you to get the natural taste of the protein with a slight elevation to bring out other notes in the overall food’s profile. With both options If you have yet to get in on the excitement of either or are in need of an upgrade, this is your sign to do so and now is the perfect chance fake richard mille!

  • Charcoal Grills – Even though the Fire Magic brand is top-tier and you could never go wrong with purchasing one of those charcoal grills, we would like to focus on the one Blaze Charcoal Grill we currently offer. For a limited time only get over $400 off of the original price tag and free shipping if you live in the continental United States! Besides a great deal, this grill also has a lot more than meets the eye. Not only can you choose between a built-in or freestanding configuration, but if you ever encounter something that is less than ideal, they also include a lifetime warranty with the initial purchase. One of our favorite features of this particular model is the adjustable charcoal tray. Easily raise or lower the tray depending on the temperatures you are grilling at. With this durable grill, find endless versatility in your enhanced experience with outdoor cooking.
  • Pellet Smokers – Perhaps you already have the perfect luxury grill and are looking to add something else to your perfect outdoor kitchen. Meet one of our Twin Eagles Pellet Smokers. While we also offer pellet smokers by notable and trustworthy brands like Coyote and Memphis, this is a personal favorite of ours for all of the neat features that are included. Not only does it come with a rotisserie but it is so durable that it can hold up to 100 pounds of meat on the rod! That means no longer do you have to plan out a day’s worth of cooking to get a large amount of barbecue smoked in a slower method, and you can easily have those neighborhood block parties you and all of your BBQ buddies deserve.

Tips and Tricks for Cooking with Fish

Although there are a few different ways to cook fish, one of our favorite ways is grilling up a fileted fish like salmon. Typically bigger fish are better off with this style of cooking, but it’s always up to you if you choose to grill it with the skin or not. A few quick steps for how to clean a fish are as follows: scale the fish, remove all gills, and all of the “guts” of the fish as you only want the part that is going to actually be eaten. As already mentioned, if you plan on grilling fish with skin, put the fish skin-side down for when it is actually being cooked.

When cooking any fish, the best temperature for grilled fish internally is around 145 degrees Fahrenheit as this is when it reaches a point when it is safe to eat and enjoy. When setting the grill to a temperature, aim for a medium heat and for it to reach somewhere between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This all depends on the kind of fish you are grilling, how much fish you are cooking up, the type of grill you have, and how long it takes it to reach that perfect internal temperature for consumption. Always monitor the temperature of the grill with the gauge that is normally built-in or with the WiFi capabilities through a mobile app that many of them also now include. Also frequently check to see if and when your fish has reached that ideal internal temperature so that you can enjoy your meal as soon as your tummy rumbles.

If you’re looking for more expert tips, we recommend looking into Steven Raichlen. Who is not only a skilled professional in the industry with over 30 books written on the topic, but also has videos that can be viewed across the web. He also has plenty of fish recipes that he posts on his website, Barbecue Bible that are worth checking out, and always a fan favorite.

As a final note, we recommend investing in a fish grate for grilling or grilling basket – they even make some specifically for fish – if you do not already have one or the other. This helps out with wider grates on a grill or if you’re cooking up a smaller cut of fish so that it prevents it from slipping through the cracks. Generally, with a fish grate and grilling basket you want to treat it like they are in the oven, and just cook it and leave it for a bit and check on it less often than you would if you were cooking them directly on your grill or smoker’s surface.


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