OutdoorsFIRST Publishes Guide and Mentions CEO and BBQ Outlets

A screenshot of the headline of the article from OutdoorsFIRST titled, 'A Guide to Grilling and Preparing Fish'

The recent article, ‘A Guide to Grilling and Preparing Fish‘, published at OutdoorsFIRST mentions a bunch of great suggestions for what to consider in a grill, what type of fish is best for grilling, and of course how to grill fish in the best way possible for the most flavor. At the end of the article, you learn more about the CEO/Owner of BBQ Outlets:

“After tasting his first American-style barbeque in the 90s, Surinder Multani got so fired up about backyard grilling that he eventually turned his passion for food and cooking into a business when he founded BBQ Outlets in 2005. Specializing in gas grills, barbecue islands, and the Smoker, Surinder expanded his BBQ equipment line to also include patio furniture, fireplaces, and an expert design team.”

As OutdoorsFIRST mentioned, we offer a large selection of grills and smokers, among many other items like outdoor kitchen refrigerators, and a wide range of premium products and notable brands.


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