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Summer Grilling Trends to Lookout For in 2022

With only about a little over a month left for many of us to enjoy the summer season with our loved ones, it’s time to take a closer look at this summer’s hottest grill trends, and flavor trends for barbecue. As well as some quick grilling snacks to try out in your backyard.

We rounded up a few of our favorite grill options and accessories, as well as some light and easy recipes for you and any guests to enjoy.

5 of Our Favorite Grills and Accessories for Grilling in the Summer

Although we offer many other options for grills and accessories here at BBQ Outlets, here were some of our all-time top picks for you to use during these hotter months to upgrade your outdoor oasis.

  • Portable Grills – Maybe you’ve seen plenty of people talking about purchasing portable grills this season, and it’s not just because they’re “trending” in the world of grilling news, but because they are a worthwhile purchase that can get a lot of use especially right now! Perhaps you and your family are big into tailgating, or possibly you’re planning the annual summer camping trip, or even still, you could just be looking for something that’s easy to take with you on the go – wherever that may be. Portable grills are the perfect option for any traveling you may do and for when you want some delicious grilled food.

    One of our favorite available choices is the HitchFire Portable Grill. Not only is it affordable, but it easily latches onto any standard two-receiver hitch. The grill itself has enough grilling space that you can easily cook up some barbecue for a party of up to 8-10 people! Take this with you on any memorable adventure you may set out on with your family and friends this summer rolex super clone.
  • Charcoal Grills – There’s just something about the sweet smell of barbecue coating the summer air. That’s where a good ol’ reliable charcoal grill enters the picturesque oasis that is your outdoor sanctuary. Give your meat a nice, smoky essence with the use of one of our premium charcoal grills. We offer both built-in and freestanding options depending on the set-up of your patio. One of our favorite built-in charcoal grills that we currently have in stock and recommend is the Blaze Built-In Charcoal Grill. Built with durable 304-grade series of stainless steel, this grill is made to last! A few favorite features of ours for this particular appliance are the double-lined grill hood, the trouble-free hook and hang system to add additional charcoal or wood, and the charcoal tray that has an easily adjustable height that allows you even more control over grilling temperatures.
  • Pellet Smokers – If you’re looking to cook up some of the best smoker recipes possible this summer, then a pellet smoker is the exact thing you need to purchase for your outdoor space ASAP! Not only can you easily customize the flavor of whatever barbecue you are looking to cook up that day with one of our six different flavors of premium barbecue pellets, but you also have plenty of other premium choices to decide between for the smoker itself.

    A popular pick is the luxurious Twin Eagles Pellet Grill. Also made with 304-grade series stainless steel, this grill comes outfitted with all sorts of bells and whistles that will leave anyone lucky enough to use it happier than ever. With touchscreen controls, Wi-Fi capabilities, a vaporizer plate, and much more there is a perk for everyone to enjoy with this luxury pellet smoker.
  • Patio Furniture – It might seem like a given, but you and your fellow barbecue aficionados are going to need a place to sit and enjoy all of your grilling snacks and entrees. Our patio furniture sets are excellent for not only enjoying your meal but also for conversating and catching up with the neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family. Feel like a kid in a candy shop with the endless amounts of selections we have in stock that can meet any of your backyard’s entertaining and grilling needs.
  • Beverage Centers – This also feels like it goes without saying, but generally when enjoying some tasty, and flavorful grill trends with your barbecue, you’ll also need some refreshing drinks. Luckily for you, we offer some of the best, premium beverage centers that will take your outdoor living space up a whole other notch. From built-in, to under-the-counter, to freestanding, we have numerous options for you to keep some of your favorite, ice-cold drinks nearby.

This Summer’s Best Grilling Snacks

While there are plenty of recipes and ways to modify a barbecue entree or the main course, we wanted to give you a few ideas for some easy, and quick grilling snacks. These ideas for recipes will leave everyone wanting to fill up on these smaller plates before the main dish, so be careful with how much you offer!

For people who are not as much of a fan of there being meat included in every course, something that is more light and fresh is a viable option. Try a skewer or kabob, as these can be easily customizable to the dietary needs and wishes of everyone in attendance. A summertime favorite for this year is a grilled watermelon cheese skewer. Done in about 30-45 minutes, this is a nice starting dish for those who might be pickier eaters and for children. Don’t be afraid to try adding in some other fruits and veggies like a tomato or two for a mixture of different notes that will leave your tastebuds singing.

Finally, if you and your guests are more of a fan of traditional backyard summertime appetizers that you can easily grill up, then we have the ideal appetizer for you! Try grilling up some juicy chicken wings. But not just any chicken wings – the everything chicken wings. If you’re a fan of the seasoning on an everything bagel, then why not also try putting it on some of your other summertime staples? Perhaps this isn’t as much your speed, for which you can always opt to coat your wings in a more traditional sauce, marinade, or seasoning.


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