Consider the Risk Factors

How many COVID-19 cases are currently in your community?
If there are currently rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the location of the event or locations of attendees, then there is an increased risk of infection and spread among attendees. We strongly recommend checking this data on your local health department website or on the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker.

Will your BBQ party be taking place only outside or also indoors?
Indoor events with poor ventilation pose more risk than outdoor gatherings. While setting up any seating indoors or outdoors, it can be safer to seat guests at least 6 feet apart if they are not vaccinated. If weather causes a need for a pop-up or open air tent, consider leaving at least one side open, or rolling up the bottom of each side by at least 12 inches to enhance ventilation.

How long will the party be? 2 hours? 4 hours? All day?
Generally speaking, events that last longer are riskier than events that are planned for a shorter time span. Whenever possible, consider having a shorter event, or an event that allows for guests to arrive and depart when they please to reduce contact.

How many people will be attending the cookout?
Gatherings with more people increase the likelihood of exposure. How many attendees are from the same household should be taken into consideration when planning, to help reduce transmission risk.

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