Fireside Activities

Color Your Flames!
Want to make your backyard fire really stand out and have guests talking about something they more than likely have not seen before? Try taking your fire from ordinary to extraordinary in just seconds with vibrant neon flames! Purchase some color fire packets to really illuminate your summer evening and sit back and enjoy! (Just make sure to pay attention to the product’s safety recommendations!)

With the days longer and the sun setting later, the perfect entertainment for any BBQ summer gathering is some tunes that everyone can enjoy. While you could create your own playlist, why do even more work than necessary? Good news! We already handled it for you, and included the top summer hits of 2021 in our own Spotify playlist.


A tasty treat popular for decades, s’mores are the perfect way to end any summer BBQ bash around your firepit. Stack up your graham crackers with as many marshmallows and pieces of chocolate as you like – we won’t judge! Enjoy one of the most simple and nostalgic desserts around, while bonding with your family and friends.

Roasted marshmallow on wooden stick near fire

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