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When to Buy Grills With Current Supply Chain Issues

We’re starting off this year at BBQ Outlets by sizzling up some of our favorite secret recipes for this time of year, and offering great deals on just the right grill, island, and other outdoor kitchen needs you may have as grilling season nears. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or add in somewhere to prep, we have all of your answers to any questions about current supply chain issues in the retail industry. 

Don’t miss out on time with friends. Get your grill and supplies now. And we make it easier for you to decide on the perfect model and configuration by freely offering our team of experts to help you design your dream outdoor kitchen.

BBQ Season

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If you’re out on the West Coast of the United States and near any of our currently open three locations – Orange Showroom, Corona Showroom, and our new BBQ Outlets Livermore Showroom – then you may be grilling all year round. Traditionally, in the warmer areas, many of you bbq enthusiasts are ready to start grilling as soon as April. But we also know some of you aren’t stopped by the weather and grill all year round. No matter when you may find yourself grilling during the year, we support the BBQ season beginning – or continuing – at any point in 2022.

Best Time to Buy an Outdoor Grill

Ready to get that new grill and outdoor kitchen? Don’t blink because current conditions around the world are making it tougher. Luckily for you, our BBQ experts–CEO Surinder Multani and in-house BBQ Outlets Representative Greg Neeper have some secrets to share.

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Neeper stated: “Overwhelmingly all brands have a big lead time…” He and Multani both mentioned how, “All premium brands…[can] take about 10-16 weeks [for delivery].” Multani discussed how brands like Alfresco Gas Grills and DCS Gas Grills would be the types of grills to be expecting to purchase if looking to receive one within that time frame. Otherwise if you are dead set on a quality product like the Twin Eagles Grills or Delta Heat Grills know that Multani also confirmed those will take even longer at up to 24 weeks for delivery. Worse yet, if you’re looking to buy a Kamado Joe Grill, those are out of stock for at least the next year. Luckily, Fire Magic Grills are a bit quicker and will take roughly 10 weeks for delivery, but could also be delivered a few weeks later than expected too.

If you’re looking to get a grill within the next month, your best bet is to look at our wide selection of Blaze Grills that we offer. As Multani noted,

“Most of the Blaze products will take about 2-4 weeks [for delivery] since the grills are currently in our inventory and stock.”

Neeper agrees and also takes time to mention how there are, “…[Currently] lots of stock in the Blaze LBM Premium LTE and their Blaze Professional LUX Gas Grills.” 

As for other outdoor kitchen products, such as outdoor kitchen refrigerators, outdoor kitchen storage, etc, we have them in stock. If you’re interested in giving yourself some space to prep in your dream outdoor kitchen and using some tasty and unique recipes like the ones found in our Grillin’ Videos with Chef Teri, we recommend looking into the kitchen islands we currently offer. Neeper said that kitchen islands will take, “8-to-10 weeks to be installed.” Regardless of if you decide to purchase just a grill or a whole outdoor kitchen installment, the time to start planning and thinking about when to buy these premium products is right now. Don’t wait around any longer to upgrade your space – make sure you and your loved ones can enjoy grilling in the backyard during the peak of bbq season by planning and purchasing immediately.

Buy Now!

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Typically at BBQ Outlets according to Neeper, “[At the] end of February, there is an increase in sales that continues to go strong through the second week of July.” Some may argue that this is truly when BBQ season is, but again, we aren’t going to tell you not to grill year-round! All in all, it’s important to get ahead of when most people will be buying grills and other premium outdoor products to upgrade their outdoor spaces for the coming months. Neeper’s best advice is to “start planning your purchases right now. Once a long queue for a product forms, the lead times go up.” This means you’re waiting around even longer wishing you had purchased a premium grill for your outdoor sanctuary even sooner than you originally had.

Don’t be the only one in your area sitting around twiddling your thumbs regretting not having made a purchase today! As CEO Multani agrees with Representative Neeper’s advice, “Buy now to enjoy [your purchase] in the summer. Otherwise, it will be too late. Product prices are going up every other month.” So, not only would you have to make you and your family and friends wait even longer to enjoy perfectly seared steaks, but you would also end up paying more in the end too. 

If you order a premium grill now you can get 50% off a showcase island. Start off the new year right and don’t miss a minute more of grillin’ time. Get more bbq in 2022!


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