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Why You Need an Outdoor Griddle

Looking to take your outdoor grilling game to the next level as the temperatures start to rise?

We have you covered at BBQ Outlets with our various top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen griddles from several notable luxury brands.

Discover what a griddle is good for and why it’s the trendiest thing in outdoor cooking for 2022. We’ll also share general griddle cooking tips for how to cook on a flat top grill.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen Griddle

Fruit, veggies, and shrimp are all being grilled on an EVO Flat Top Grill.

With an outdoor kitchen griddle, you can cook in a variety of ways from grilling, steaming, stewing, and everything in-between. The reward of purchasing an outdoor kitchen griddle shows up every time you fire up the grill.

Following are some advantages to buying and using an outdoor kitchen griddle as soon as possible (Trust us—you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get one sooner):

  • Uniform Heat Distribution – Due to the large flat surface of a griddle, it essentially acts as a large frying pan or wok and allows for heat to spread evenly across the griddle.
  • Cook More in Almost Any Cooking Style—Want to cook up your favorite breakfast meal for two while enjoying your quality outdoor patio furniture? An outdoor kitchen griddle is perfect for just that! In fact, it’s great for cooking staples like burgers, hot dogs, etc. Feel like trying your hand at some cuisine like Japanese, Korean, or Mexican food? A griddle is also the perfect accessory to these dishes a gas grill.
  • Less Mess = Less Cleanup—When using an outdoor kitchen griddle, grease drips end up in a built-in pan. This means that not only are there no flare-ups and less smoke as a result, but generally all you need is some warm water and a scraper, such as the EVO Stainless Steel Scraper. You can have your griddle looking like new in only a few minutes!
  • Heart-Healthier Grilling – Last month was American Heart month where we talked about Heart-Healthy Grilling and different ways that it can easily be incorporated into your own grilling in your backyard. One of the best ways to grill as healthy as possible is with an outdoor kitchen griddle or flat top grill since there is not as much oil that will be needed for cooking the food. Any food that may require oil to be properly cooked on a grill, won’t need as much – if any – on a griddle. The natural fats accumulated on a griddle can also enhance the flavor of your food even more.

Types of Outdoor Kitchen Griddles

A built-in EVO flat top grill in an outdoor luxury and upscale kitchen bar.

While there are many styles and types of outdoor kitchen griddles, at BBQ Outlets we offer only the best on the market, such as premium brands like American Outdoor Grills, Blaze, DCS Grills, EVO Flattop Grills, Fire Magic, Twin Eagles, and Napoleon.

Typically with most outdoor kitchen griddles, they come in a couple of different styles—four of which we currently offer online and in our stores.

Some people prefer built-in outdoor kitchen griddles, like this Twin Eagles Built-In Dine and Breakfast Club. Built-in griddles are great for adding a permanent addition to your backyard oasis. They can also act as a focal point for entertaining guests and loved ones if built directly into a bar or counter.

An outdoor fire pit table that is lit with some lounge chairs near by next to some water with the sun setting.

Besides built-in outdoor kitchen griddles, we also offer an EVO Tabletop Flattop Grill. It’s available as either a propane or natural gas griddle depending on your fuel type preference. Tabletop griddles can even be used while cozying up around a fire pit table depending on the style and available surface space.

Just like a tabletop griddle, we offer even more easily movable options for outdoor kitchen griddles. Including a griddle on a grill cart like the Premium Blaze LTE Natural Gas Griddle. Griddle carts are especially nice for extra storage and for keeping food chilled if one of the available food containers were to be filled with ice.

Obviously, the best way to use a griddle while not at home is by using a portable griddle like the Napoleon Portable Freestanding Propane Gas Grill with Griddle. Use it on any adventure away from home that calls for some BBQing (although, when does a situation not call for a little bit of barbecue?)

Quick Outdoor Griddle Cooking Tips

Now that you have decided on the perfect style of an outdoor griddle and are ready to begin cooking some meals on it, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The ideal temperature for a griddle is much lower than that of a grill. While a grill typically may be best used at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, a griddle is best used at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or what you would normally use for when cooking most things in an oven.

Freshly grilled homemade burgers with melted cheese on sesame buns next to a grilled ear of corn on a wooden serving tray with grilled kebabs next to the tray too.

With many outdoor griddles, their additional accessories can help assist in cooking up different types of cuisine. Melting domes are a nifty gadget to have for a griddle, especially if looking to steam food – like a stir fry – or if wanting to get something really gooey and melted like cheese on top of a juicy burger.

Regardless of how you plan on using it, outdoor kitchen griddles are going to be the next staple feature in every luxury backyard. Don’t be the only BBQ enthusiast on your block or in your area without one!


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