Commitment to Environment & Sustainability

BBQ Outlets’ leadership has a deep commitment to the environment and sustainability as we have demonstrated since our founding in 2005. Since our earliest days, BBQ Outlets has worked with local officials in our two primary markets in Southern California. We’ve been able to advise each customer on their responsibilities for operating safely and within all code and ordinances that relate to building and operating an outdoor kitchen

We have certainly seen a tremendous increase in the number of customers who are now trying to invest in expanding and improving their home environments as a growing majority of workers are now working remotely. Anything that we can do to enhance one’s home environment to improve their quality of life is an act of responsible creation and indirectly helping the environment

What we are witnessing today is that with more and more workers staying at home and trying to improve their quality of life at home, they are staying off the highways. Ironically, this lessens the demand for fossil fuels, which significantly improves the air quality of their local and regional environment. We believe this impact on the sustainability of improved home life and family togetherness is a long-term trend

When you build your own personally designed Outdoor Kitchen – you are essentially building a new lifestyle that will have a very positive impact on those experiencing the comfortableness and ease of enjoying the outdoors


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