Crossfire by Warming Trends CFBT Match Light Tree-Style Brass Gas Fire Pit Burner

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Crossfire by Warming Trends CFBT Match Light Tree-Style Brass Gas Fire Pit Burner

Crossfire by Warming Trends CFBDT Match Light Double Tree-Style Brass Gas Fire Pit Burner provides one of the most unique and innovative gas fire pit burner systems available. The heavy duty brass construction ensures an exceptionally high quality product that's designed for long lasting use outdoors while the unique Crossfire™ burner system features an innovative design that combines a specific air to gas mixture ratio to produce a taller, brighter flame. Intended for use with either propane or natural gas, these burners use close to half the fuel of conventional gas burners because of the unique regulation system. Available in a range of sizes and BTU ratings, the Crossfire™ tree-style double tree-style linear burner offers a corrosion resistant product backed by a full lifetime warranty.


  • Brass Burner Construction - Heavy duty brass burner construction ensures a corrosion resistant product
  • Crossfire™ Burner Design - Innovative burner design with fuel regulation creates a brighter, taller flame presence
  • Tree-Style Burner - Contemporary tree-shape design for rectangular style fire pits
  • Fuel Efficiency - Unique design creates a fuel efficient burner that consumes half the fuel of conventional burners
  • Full Lifetime Warranty - Superior quality brass is backed by Warming Trends' Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Natural Gas or Propane - Burner system can be specified to accommodate natural gas or propane applications

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