Defective and Damaged Products

Defective Products

This isn’t a common occurrence, but if your product is defective, you should first check the manual to see how the manufacturer handles that process. If you’re asked to contact us, we will help you through the manufacturer’s warranty process, only if it is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Please be aware that you will need to provide us with the product serial numbers, a description of the issue, and pictures and/or video showing the issue.

First, we will try to remotely troubleshoot the issue with you to verify that the product is indeed defective. If we determine it is, we’ll report the defect to the manufacturer to begin your claim. The manufacturer will then either approve or reject your claim. If the claim is approved, service, parts, repair, or a combination of these, will be provided to you in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. We will let you know if any parts need to be returned to the manufacturer for quality control purposes.

BBQ Outlets is not responsible for reimbursing any labor costs or for any project delays that may occur as a result of the defective product. We recommend you wait to schedule your installation until after your order has been delivered and you’ve fully inspected it. You should open and inspect your products for visible defects and damage within 48 hours of delivery.

Please note we will not facilitate claims to the manufacturer for defective items that are outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period. At this point, you will be able to purchase replacement parts or whole units through, as long as the item is not discontinued.

Damaged Products

We ask you to carefully open and inspect all of your items upon delivery and report any damage to us within five business days of delivery. You should even inspect your products if you are not installing it right away, because we do not offer refunds, store credits, free parts, or take returns if you tell us about the damage more than 5 business days after delivery. You should keep all of the original packaging and parts and not use the item in any way in case it needs to be returned to us.

If you see visible damage and are able to refuse the shipment with the carrier, please do so. If you have already accepted the item, inspect the box and inner items/contents and report damage to us within 5 business days of delivery via 800-437-4188. As long as the item is not used in any way, we will offer parts or a discount if you’d like to keep the item as is, or allow a return for a refund or replacement.

If you would like to keep the item as is for a discount, you must reply to us within 5 business days of receipt of our discount offer to either accept or reject the offer. Do not use the product until after a final offer or resolution is agreed upon.

If you report damage to us more than 5 business days after receipt of the shipment, we will not be able to offer or provide refunds, store credits, or free parts. We will only be able to sell you replacement parts for a repair at this point because this is outside of our time frame to file any claims with the carrier, manufacturer, or shipping warehouse. We will not approve any returns, so you are free to use the item if you wish and it is safe to do so. Please note that we may require pictures of the item to help you determine what replacement parts are needed.


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