BBQ Outlets was inspired by a young software engineer from India who had never experienced American BBQ. Surinder Multani migrated to America in the early 1990s from Punjab, India. Traveling around the United States as a consultant week after week, Surinder quickly grew tired of fast food and outside restaurants.

After several years of traveling, he was invited by one of his clients to lunch at his home where he had prepared a whole smoked chicken which had been cooking for two hours in the “Big Green Egg”. He was amazed — it was the most delicious chicken he had ever tasted, and he was hooked.

Surinder went home, raving about how delicious the chicken was, so he and his family went out the next day and purchased a Big Green Egg. As time marched on, he was exhausted by the travel and thought of opening his own business, something that would fulfill his passion for food and cooking.

In 2005, Surinder opened the first BBQ grill store in Orange, California, and started selling smokers, gas grills, and BBQ islands. He later expanded his offerings to include patio furniture and fireplaces, but always focusing on selling the best-quality BBQ equipment and accessories and providing premium services to all of his customers.

As his business grew, he added a top-notch design team to help customers create “their own dream outdoor living” area, with the most advanced design software.

Building on his success in Orange, Surinder opened a major showroom in Corona in 2010, some 20 miles east. And today, as he enters his 16th year, BBQ Outlets will be offering franchises in the United States and in other prime markets in the world. His newly redesigned website — www.bbqoutlets.com -- offers more than 1,500 BBQ options and accessories to make your outdoor living dream come to life.

Surinder looks back at his decision to get off the road and build a business that fulfilled his passions for food and cooking. As he looks to the future, he says, “it has been a wonderful journey, and I am looking to help others find their passion, too.”

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