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A Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Meats

Looking to start your journey into smoking meats by purchasing one of our top grills or smokers – either a Twin Eagles smoker or Kamado Joe? In this article, we included all of the tips for smoking meats that we felt any novice may need to know. Read on to find out the difference between BBQ and smoking, what some of the best smokers on the market are, the best time to buy a smoker, helpful smoking techniques and tips for smoking meats, and more!

Differences Between BBQ & Smoking

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Smoking itself, while very similar to barbecuing, depends more on the smoke from wood chips to create a savory taste and uses this to help cook and cure the meat. Barbecuing focuses more on using heat that is generated from cooking wood or burning charcoal. With smoking, when the wood chips first start producing smoke, this ends up binding to the meat and allows the meat to also be cured by the smoke, which ultimately discourages bacteria from growing.

One of the biggest benefits of smoking meat is the fact that there are endless possibilities for flavor. More experienced pitmasters use different types of wood chips for smoking meat depending on the flavor they’re seeking. Keep reading for more information on choosing between different wood chips for smoking meats.

Buying a Smoker

If you’re serious about looking for a smoker to add to your dream backyard, the time to do so is NOW! The best time for buying a smoker is after the summer months and through Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This is generally considered the “off-season” for shopping for a smoker, so fewer people will be purchasing one, giving you a better chance of getting the smoker that you want for your exact needs.

Best Smokers We Offer

We have a wide range of smokers for you to choose from with exceptional designs and various features. However, there are two brands that stand out to us as the best smokers to buy right now – Twin Eagles and Kamado Joe.

Twin Eagles

This particular brand is well known for its aesthetics, and the premium line of smokers and grills that they offer. When you buy a Twin Eagles smoker or grill, you are choosing a cooker that is guaranteed to last. They take pride in knowing how to manufacture the best smokers and grills, and have been made in the USA for over three decades now. The expert team who designs and manufactures the Twin Eagles smokers and grills ensures that they are all engineered in a way that is made using some of the highest quality materials. These cookers are easy but also enjoyable to use. Check out all of the Twin Eagles smokers and grills we currently offer and make a purchase that will truly change your experience for your dream backyard.

Kamado Joe

Generally, when people think of a smoker, many may instantly think of the Kamado Joe brand. When it comes to smoking with a Kamado Joe, not many other brands can even begin to compete with all that these smokers have to offer. If you’re looking for a smoker that could not only be appreciated for years and years to come in your backyard, but could also be passed down to the next generation in your family, this brand is the perfect option for you. From their “divide and conquer” cooking system, to having an exceptional warranty, and becoming one of the biggest brands to be emerging in the business, you cannot go wrong with using a Kamado Joe.

Tips for Smoking Meats

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To understand how to smoke meat properly, it’s important to first become more familiar with some of the smoking techniques that many use, as well as the different types of wood chips for smoking meat that you can purchase to give you those unbeatable savory aromas.

Smoking Techniques

Smoking food can typically be divided into two main categories – hot and cold. Since many health organizations don’t recommend using the cold smoking technique because of its much lower temperature, we will only be focusing on the hot smoking technique here.

Hot Smoking Technique

Hot smoking is a smoking technique that is usually seen as more of the standard technique for smoking. This can be done by using either a smoker or grill. When using the hot smoking technique, the meat you’re smoking will be exposed to a warmer temperature ranging from 180 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Something you should consider doing when using this smoking technique is to add either a pan or bowl of water to help balance the temperature out and keep the meat from drying out. However, with the two brands for smokers that we recommend – Twin Eagles and Kamado Joe – this should not be as much of a problem that you will have to worry about. Although, if you are worried about the meat still drying out while smoking, you can also always try misting the meat with some water every 2 hours. Always remember though, the more you open the lid, the more smoke will escape, so it’s a good practice to keep the lid of your smoker or grill closed as much as possible.

Wood Chips for Smoking Meat

Person turning sausages on grill with other meat next to them being cooked over hot embers

Typically the best wood chips to use for smoking meat come from either fruit trees or nut trees. Wood chips like cherry, apple, oak, hickory, or pecan, are all good options to use for smoking most meats. You absolutely want to avoid softer wood chips like pine, which can give the meat a more tar-like, or bitter, flavor. When trying to think of what meat would be best to pair with the flavor of wood chips used, generally when it comes to the fruit tree wood chips like cherry or apple, meats like bacon or poultry or pork are some of the best choices. As for some of the nut tree wood chips, like oak, hickory, or pecan, almost all meats pair well with these, as well as seafood, and even veggies.

On A Final Note…

Even if you’re new to the world of smoking, there are many things for you to consider when buying the best smoker possible for you and your dream backyard. As we had already mentioned, we strongly recommend you check out and purchase one of the top brands we offer for that – Twin Eagles or Kamado Joe. Remember, right now is the best time for you to buy a smoker that will last you and your family a lifetime!

If you ever have any questions about purchasing the best smoker you possibly can for your needs, please reach out to our team of experts at BBQ Outlets by either calling 714-276-8289 or emailing We’re always happy to help walk you through the process of finding the best smoker for your dream backyard!


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