Framed Cooks Recognizes BBQ Outlets for Tailgating

Screenshot from the article from Framed Cooks where BBQ Outlets is mentioned and also shows an image below the text in the article of a person with their feet propped up on a ledge with a football game happening in front of them.

During the beginning of “Football Season”, Framed Cooks acknowledged in their own Recipe Round-Up: Tailgate Eats! article BBQ Outlets publication about tailgating:

Want even more tips to make your tailgate extra festive?

Check out this great article on how to master the ultimate tailgate from BBQ Outlets! They have a ton of great ideas for making your tailgate a winner.”

We would have to agree with their assessment, as we do have a ton of great ideas on how to throw the ultimate tailgate party. You can also check out this other tailgating article on our blog to find out what are the Best Portable Grills for Tailgating to purchase and use for the big day.


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