Lawn Activities

Want to know more information or how to play each of the lawn activities listed? Make sure to click on the title of the game’s name for rules and ways to enjoy each one in your own backyard!

Happy friends playing badminton or shuttlecock at summer barbecue party

Bring a slice of the Summer Olympics to your own backyard with this game for two-to-four players. Similar to Racquetball or Tennis, Badminton is sure to get everyone at the BBQ moving like an Olympian!

While you may not have LeBron James or Steph Curry for a teammate, shooting hoops with some of your friends and family is a great way to get everyone off the bench and moving around! If you’d like to set up your own basketball court for your backyard, then check out the instructions BbHoopsPro put together.

Young children playing a game of outdoor giant chess

Whether you’re a beginner or you idolize Bobby Fischer, let your friends and family know you’re not just a veteran grill master as you take their kings captive in a gigantic version of this classic strategy game that you can DIY!

Connect 4
This game of four-in-a-row is simple enough that all ages can learn to play, but competitive enough to create a friendly rivalry among the best of friends. Take a look at how to make a giant backyard Connect 4 game.

Close-up ground level view of cornhole game and bags on board

This game is a staple for tailgating sports events and can get very competitive – especially if you play in the Midwest. Whether you call it Cornhole, Bags, or something else, this activity is a must-have for your backyard BBQ bash! Or try building your own bags/cornhole set for the backyard.

Person playing croquet and holding mallet to strike wooden ball through hoop in backyard

While waiting for your steaks to sear to perfection, partake in some croquet by the “barbie!” Enjoy playing this popular lawn game with mallets and wooden balls that has been around for almost 200 years.

Man playing disc golf and throwing frisbee disc

Disc Golf
Tired of just throwing a frisbee back-and-forth? Try turning it into a fun game of disc golf that all of your friends and family will enjoy!

You’ve played Dominoes in the house. Now, bring on the nostalgia with a ‘giant’ spin on the classic game of Dominoes – large wooden blocks in the grass.

Image of friends feet who are lined up on both sides with a football on the grass between them

Football/Flag Football
A true American pastime that you can now bring to your own backyard BBQ party. Create the ultimate bonding activity that everyone will enjoy! You can always make the activity a little less intense by turning it into flag football.

The perfect game for any BBQ bash, Giant Jenga is sure to be a hit with everyone at your next get-together! Play it in the ‘classic’ mode that we all know and love with the family, or in a ‘drinking’ mode with adult friends and family. Try learning how to build your own Giant Jenga set!

Little girl squatting down in backyard to play Kubb with her family

A yard game that is increasing in popularity despite being around for ages, Kubb is a must-have for your own BBQ event. This game fit for a Viking can best be described as part yard bowling, part horseshoes, part chess, and all fun!

Ring Toss (Oojami)
A variation of the “original” ring toss game, Oojami is the perfect entertaining and competitive game for your next BBQ bonanza!

A fun take on tic-tac-toe, adding hula hoops allows for this game to be grand, not just in size, but also enjoyment! Liven up your backyard and next celebration with a game that guests of all ages will love!

Traditionally played indoors, Twister in the backyard allows for many variations that will have everyone looking like a pretzel and their stomachs in knots from all of the laughter! This game is fun for all ages. We’re fairly certain you could find a way to turn it into a drinking game for the adults, if you wanted to.

Women in swimsuits playing volleyball outdoors and hitting the ball over the net

Volleyball doesn’t just have to be played on a court or in sand – bring it to your backyard! Enjoy playing a more laid-back approach with family and friends at your next BBQ extravaganza. Another variation is water volleyball.

Yardzee is a ‘giant’ backyard variation on the classic dice game loved by millions, “Yahtzee”. Use oversized dice to compete in a friendly match that is sure to have everyone enjoying the BBQ festivities!

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