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Best Portable Grills for Camping and Outdoor Adventurers

You’re packing up the car, truck, camper, or RV, and desperately need the best portable grill for your adventure away from home… Luckily for you at BBQ Outlets we have you covered with our top tips and tricks for finding the perfect portable bbq outdoor grill for your next trip.

We’ve even featured some of our favorite portable grills that we know will be the best campfire grills for your future excursion. Don’t forget to try out some of our tasty treats and camp stove recipes that will be hitting just the right spot of nostalgia and happiness for everyone while sitting around the campfire.

Considerations Before Purchasing Your Best Campfire Grill

People laughing and eating food outside while tailgating.

First things first—you’re going to need to decide what types of trips you will be primarily taking away from home that may call for a grill (for us, almost all trips would be enhanced with a grill) Camping and tailgating are just two examples, but of course, any outdoor adventure may have you feeling the need for a tasty meal cooked over a hot flame.

If camping, determine where you will be cooking most of your food—outside at a campsite, in an RV, or in or near a lodge? How you go about grilling on a camp stove and what the best campfire grill for you is may be dependent on if you are in a tent, in a camper, or partaking in countryside or mountainside camping.

Also, take into consideration what foods you will be grilling up during your time away from home. Think about how many people you will also be grilling for—is it just yourself, someone special tagging along, a group of buddies, or the entire family? In addition, ask yourself what kind of allergies may be present and how often you plan on grilling—for every meal including breakfast and dessert or maybe just during dinner time? Luckily, we have you covered with some tasty camp stove recipes to make your 2022 outing memorable!

Kebabs and sausages getting cooked on outdoor griddle and turned by person holding tong.

Once you have the location, who is attending, and the food you will be devouring all set – the only thing left that you need to do is decide on a grill, but to do that it’s important to first consider if you would prefer a portable gas grill or a portable electric grill or maybe even an outdoor griddle. Maybe you want all three – we certainly won’t stop you from being the ultimate grill master!

As a grill master, you will also need the perfect accessories. We strongly recommend a grill cover, especially if the grill will be exposed to more harsh elements in the outdoors than it may normally be in your backyard or patio or balcony. The notable brands like Blaze and Hitchfire, both make quality grill covers that will keep your grill waterproof and help with the overall longevity, even if these brands are known for making grills that can withstand the elements.

Our final takeaways for when considering what outdoor grill and stove combo or portable grill you may need, also consider the overall composition of the grill. You want something that isn’t super heavy and can be easily movable from one place to another, especially if you’re not sure where at your campsite or place of outdoor adventure you may be using it.

Kebabs and foil wrapped food and onions all being cooked on outdoor electric grill.

Generally, gas and electric grills are the best for outdoor cooking when on the go. In many cases, you can simply eliminate any food remnants by burning them off after you are done cooking and then scraping the rest off with a grill scraper. Of course, you should also wipe down all of the cooking grid to keep it as clean as possible.

Our Top 6 Portable Gas BBQ for Camping Grills

At BBQ Outlets we offer nothing but the best and most luxurious brands for grilling. Blaze, Hitchfire, and Napoleon are some of the top brands to consider for the best portable gas for bbq camping grills.

Man holding open a Hitchfire Forge grill lid and cooking food on it while using foil and some food on a plate on a shelf with the man's friends standing nearby smiling.

Hitchfire has the Hitchfire Forge which is perfect for adventure grilling and is constructed to be compatible with any two-receiver hitch. What’s great is that if the place you are camping at has a picnic table or you brought your own, you can easily detach it from the hitch and use it on the table as well. What’s even better about the way this portable grill is stored is that it has a pivoting swingarm. This allows easier access to the trunk of your vehicle without it constantly getting in the way like a standard portable grill may if attached in the same manner.

Blaze is known for consistently being one of the leading names in luxury outdoor grilling. Not only do they provide grills that are durable and of the highest quality and made from superior stainless materials, but they also are well-known for their ingenious designs. Such as the two front-facing clasps that lock the lid in place especially when being stored or moved somewhere. They also offer a lifetime warranty – so you never have to worry about anything happening to your new favorite grill.

The Blaze Professional Lux Portable Propane Gas Grill resting on the back of a truck bed with its lid closed and smoke rising out of the grill.

We personally know that everyone will be a fan of the Blaze Professional Lux Portable Propane Gas Grill. The construction of this grill by Blaze – just like others – is unique and well thought out with the grill master in mind since it includes unique hexagonal cooking rods and a push-and-turn flame-thrower ignition just like the other standard built-in and freestanding grills they also offer.

If you’d prefer an electric grill because perhaps you’d rather not have to worry about using propane, then instead purchase and enjoy the Blaze Portable Electric Grill that comes with a built-in hanging kit. The cooking grid is made in a way that it heats up all at once with the flame stabilizing grids, which helps diminish the possibility of flare-ups and lots of smoke from happening. One of our favorite features about this electric grill has to be the 60-minute shut-off timer to help prevent any outdoor cooking mishaps.

The Napoleon Portable Propane Gas Grill with its lid open and sausages, patties, and veggies all being grilled on it.

Finally, but certainly not last in our lineup is the Napoleon brand of outdoor luxury grills. We strongly recommend the Napoleon Portable Electric Grill. The high-top lid of this portable grill allows for you to grill up thicker cuts of meat, so even when away from home you can have a nice, juicy steak or burger. They also make a Portable Propane Gas Grill. There are dual stainless steel burners that allow for direct or indirect cooking. The lid also comes with an Accu-Probe temperature gauge, so you always know how hot exactly the grill is and you’re never left with surprises or accidentally overcooking your food.

Perhaps you would rather have a freestanding grill though, Napoleon has an option for that too with their Portable Freestanding Gas Grill. The cart folds as well for easy storage when transferring the grill from one location to another. The grill itself is also designed in a way that is windproof so it retains all of the heat and can cook up your food even more quickly and efficiently.

The Most Delicious Camp Stove Recipes for 2022

Now that you have everything packed up for your journey, you’ll need to fill your bellies with some mouthwatering recipes. Figure out what exactly needs to be prepared ahead of time and also keep certain foods separate – especially before cooking and if the meat is raw from the other food that has yet to be grilled up.

Below discover some of the top tastiest camp stove recipes to try out this camping and 2022 summer season.


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