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Choosing Outdoor Heating for Your Backyard

One of the coldest times of year – and one of the best times to snuggle up around your barbeque. Keep everyone cozy and warm while enjoying a perfectly seared steak. Choose from either a luxury outdoor fire pit table or a top-of-the-line fireplace. No matter where you fall on the fireplace vs. fire pits debate, just know that you can’t go wrong with any of the top brands and products we sell at BBQ Outlets

Selecting the right kind of outdoor heating for your picture-perfect backyard can sometimes be a challenging task. Not only do you have to consider your current setup and sizing of your space, but you also have to think about how you plan on using everything, and above all else, staying safe while enjoying your new fireplace or fire pit. 

The Great Debate: Fireplace vs. Fire Pits

Sun setting in the sky with a lit firepit table in the main frame and the flames licking up.

So now that you know you want outdoor heating as the cherry on top of your picturesque backyard, it’s just a matter of deciding on an outdoor fireplace installation versus a fire pit installation. Maybe you’ve always envisioned your luxury patio and outdoor kitchen area having an outdoor brick fireplace, or maybe you see yourself and your loved ones enjoying time around a fire pit. Regardless of where you fall on the fireplace vs. fire pit debate, we know we have the perfect outdoor heating brands and products for you and your sanctuary.

When it comes to the propane and natural gas fire pit tables we offer, we have many available designs from both American Fyre Designs and The Outdoor GreatRoom Company. American Fyre was the first brand of fire pit tables for us to offer at BBQ Outlets, but certainly not the last since we now have recently also added in a great amount of fire pit table options from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company. Both brands are distinguished in not only the quality of fire pit tables they provide, but also in their overall customer experience. 

With an American Fyre fire pit table, you not only get a product that will provide you heat in style and class, but also a product that is long-lasting and multifunctional. Spend time heating up s’mores with the little ones, or enjoy a glass of wine with a loved one. These fire pit tables aren’t around only to keep you toasty on the coldest of days, but are also designed to be a statement piece that can also serve as entertainment. Tuck yourself away into the warmest spot of your backyard and have fun with your loved ones when you purchase a fire pit table by American Fyre. One of our favorite things about American Fyre and what they offer? Their outstanding warranty coverage! American Fyre has a warranty that covers 3 years for the frame/body and burner of all of their fire pits, and they also offer a 1-year coverage for all other parts, not including the pan. Give yourself peace of mind and be confident in purchasing an American Fyre Designs fire pit table and adding it to your lavish outdoor space.

As for The Outdoor GreatRoom Company’s fire pit tables, while these have been more recently added, we are just as happy to be having this brand now call BBQ Outlets home too. We know that as soon as you feast your eyes on The Outdoor GreatRoom Company’s many available fire pit tables, you too will be wanting to bring one to your backyard. Now you and your family and friends can all enjoy time together on your patio year-round when sitting next to one of these very stylish fire pit tables. 

Hand holding a glass of red wine while tipping it towards the outdoor fireplace that is lit.

Besides the fire pit tables, we also offer outdoor gas fireplaces from either Napoleon or Empire Comfort Systems. While Empire Comfort Systems also has high-quality fire pit tables available for purchase, their propane or natural gas fireplaces are just as incredible. Like Empire Comfort Systems, the Napoleon brand may also be known for other products – like for their gas grills and other grilling accessories – but they too manufacture outstanding and state-of-the-art fireplaces.

Empire Comfort Systems is a luxury brand that works towards bringing those who love to entertain outdoors, a stylish and warm fireplace that can be a permanent fixture for any outdoor paradise. Not only can you choose from a see-through or opaque fireplace, but you can also choose between having either style or design you like in a natural or propane gas. The customization doesn’t stop there with these fireplaces! Each Empire Comfort System fireplace has an LED lighting system with seven preset colors to help you set the right mood and create an ambiance like your guests have never felt before. 

If you are to go the route of a Napoleon fireplace, while many of them are available in natural gas, there is currently one that is available as an electric fireplace. The Napoleon Trivista Electric Fireplace can be installed in either a two or three-panel design, so that you can get the exact look you want for your outdoor living space. Just like the Empire Comfort Systems fireplaces, the Napoleon Trivista also offers its own customization options. From 13 choices for ember bed colors to 3 vivid LED colors for the flames, the amount of different available combinations between the two will have you creating a unique atmosphere every time you go in your backyard.

Plan Ahead and Think About Available Patio Space

Two full glasses of red wine resting on edge of a lit firepit table while the sun is setting in the background over full planters filled with flowers.

Now that we’ve hopefully helped settle the debate on fireplaces vs. fire pits, it may seem like a given, but – plan ahead! Think about how you intend on using your new fireplace or fire pit. Will it be to end the night with a drink or two and a loved one? Do you want to be warm in one primary area of your backyard, but also might want an additional area to be cozy too? Depending on how you answer those questions – and more – these can help you begin to map and plan out how you will spend your time in your backyard bbq retreat.

If you’re looking to use it purely for warmth and want it in a permanent place, we would strongly recommend one of our outdoor fireplaces. These can be built-in and can add interest to any outdoor space. You can also use them to expand areas of your backyard or to section off other spaces by creating a beautiful barrier. On the other hand, if you’re someone who sees yourself using multiple areas of your backyard during the colder months, then a propane gas fire pit table may be the best option. Many of them you can move from one area to another and use them not just for their warmth but also for their multi-use entertainment possibilities. 

Stay Safe and Stay Warm

Above all else, when it comes to purchasing something with an open heat source, it’s important to not just stay warm, but to also stay safe. 

Backyard patio with seating and some drinks between some of the seating with a fire pit table lit in front as the sun sets over the forest and mountains.

First, check with your local fire ordinances and make sure that you are not using an outdoor heat source in an area of your yard, or at a time of the year, when you should not be. Always ensure that nothing flammable is close-by and that your fire pit table or fireplace are away from any structures that could catch fire too. 

Looking to get a natural gas fire pit table or fireplace? Always have a professionally licensed contractor hook this up for you since the gas needs to run at an acceptable rate of flow. If there is too much or too little pressurization, this can be incredibly hazardous, which is why it is best to always hire someone with the proper credentials who can examine the gas lines before installing.

Remember that with your new fireplace or fire pit table also comes the responsibility of others’ safety around an open heat source. Be cautious with those who are younger and are children and always supervise their activities when nearby. And as much fun as a fireplace or fire pit table can be to use at a party or gathering, if alcohol is present, always use extra caution too.

Don’t wait for it to get any colder outside – order a fire pit table or outdoor fireplace for your backyard today, and get back out there and enjoy some BBQ!


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