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Hosting a Memorial Day BBQ

No matter where Memorial weekend takes you, here at BBQ Outlets we have the perfect grilling tools and tips stuffed in the front pocket of our grilling apron to share with you.

Host the Memorial Day party of your’s and your guests’ dreams. From quick bbq party planning suggestions to outdoor grills for you to consider to change up your outdoor cooking game at home, or when on an adventure away from your outdoor oasis. We have a little bit of something for everyone!

Our Top 5 Picks for Cooking Up Tasty Memorial Day Recipes

If you plan on staying at your own home for the holiday, we have a few recommendations for some brands that have fun ways of outdoor cooking that people might not normally consider when thinking of a grill to use for cookout recipes.

  • Kamado Joe – These style of cookers are particularly great for the low-n-slow style of cooking that so many have grown to love. When purchasing any of the Kamado Joe Grills that we currently offer, you can be sure that you’re making a worthwhile investment that will last a lifetime. Not only is the red color a staple and trademark, but it’s sure to make a statement when placed in your backyard paradise. However, not only is the color the standout feature of these outdoor cookers, but the smoker itself is designed in a way with only premium parts and components. From top vents cast in aluminum and that are rust-resistant, to a tiered cooking rack system that allows for precise temperatures so food like some baby back ribs or pork shoulder can be perfectly smoked each time.
  • Flat Top Grills – Another exciting way to grill this holiday is with the use of a flat top grill. With our Evo Flat Top Grills, you can purchase them in either the option of having them built-in or on a wheeled cart. No matter which style you choose, you’ll have all of your friends and family asking where you got your new, fun grill. On your menu for your Memorial Day cookout, easily include in kebabs and other finger foods, like wings, which can all easily be cooked up on a flat top grill. The versatile ways of cooking that are available when using an Evo Flat Top Grill, make this an excellent addition to any outdoor sanctuary. Separate burners and edge-to-edge surface temperatures allow for consistently even cooking and for the option to cook directly or indirectly at the same time.
  • Outdoor Pizza Ovens – We already know, you’re probably thinking, “Pizza for Memorial Day?!” And the simple answer is: yes! Take a break from all of the barbecue that you’ll be chowing down on the rest of the weekend and this summer, by cooking up a homemade pizza. With any of the Chicago Brick Pizza Ovens that we offer, you’ll be leaving everyone in attendance at your Memorial Day party with a smile on their face. It’s also much easier to cater to pickier eaters or those who may have a strict diet with the use of a pizza oven, as the types of pizzas you can make, or other foods, like calzones, quesadillas, etc. all allow for endless room of customization through ingredients. These Chicago Brick Ovens will also withstand any harsh weather or elements, ensuring the durability and longevity of your brand-new addition.
  • Marine Grade Portable Grills – If you live somewhere a bit more tropical or humid, or even plan on hosting your Memorial Day Party on a boat or near some water, we know that a marine-grade portable grill, like the ones offered by Blaze’s Professional LUX line, is a top choice for you and your needs. Once you purchase a Blaze Marine Grade Portable Grill, like this particular model, which allows you specific customization for the hinge type and the number of taps, as well as other unique features, you can then sit back and relax knowing you made a worthwhile investment. With an exterior that is made to withstand highly corrosive elements like salt water, the inside of these grills are just as impressive. Sear a steak quickly with the hexagonal stainless steel cooking rods that easily achieve extraordinary temperatures. Discover even more bells and whistles with your purchase and feel like a BBQ maestro with a marine-grade portable grill from Blaze.
  • HitchFire Portable Adventure Grill – Although last, but certainly not least on our list for this holiday roundup, is the HitchFire Portable Grill. Perhaps you use this time to go exploring and take a mini-vacation away from home, and that’s where a portable grill that can hook up directly to any standard two-receiver hitch comes perfectly into play. With the HitchFire Portable Grill, you get all the convenience of any other luxury backyard grill, but with the option to use it virtually anywhere – whether that’s tailgating, camping, or visiting a friend or relative. Normally with a grill like this you would expect to have to be using it multiple times to get everyone properly fed, but luckily for you, you don’t have to use it anymore or less than you would the one in your backyard. With a cooking surface area of 18 inches by 22 inches, and if you’re cooking up some patties using the best-grilled burger recipe of yours that you love, you can easily feed 8-10 people. Not only that, but if you don’t want to grill from your hitch, you can easily remove it and place it on a fire-safe surface or table. Wake everyone up this holiday weekend with some yummy fresh, grilled breakfast foods like a ham, egg, and cheese skillet, with the help of the handy two-burner propane cooking system.

Quick Tips & Tricks for a Fun and Unforgettable Memorial Day Party

Now that you have all of the grilling equipment you need together for the big holiday weekend, the next thing you will need to do is plan everything out. We decided to take one other thing off your plate and help you out with a quick checklist of some helpful tips and tricks to ensure that everyone is having a blast.

  • Safety First – Besides standard health safety practices that you follow, be sure to also follow fire safety practices. Double-check to see that all grilling equipment is away from flammable structures and materials. If too close and a gust of wind blows by or someone accidentally knocks something over, you could quickly have a bigger problem on your hands than you may be ready for. Always know your local fire codes and ordinances, as well as state, and all national regulations too. If you live in areas where it can be dry, also be aware of days that there may be alerts, and be mindful of skipping or limiting outdoor grilling on those days.
  • Fuel Type Supply – Depending on how you’ll be cooking up your Memorial Day grilling ideas that you’ve been wanting to try for the weekend, make sure that you have enough of whatever fuel type your grill needs handy. Say, for example, you have a grill that uses propane, check for how many tanks you already have, and how many more you may need to buy. Figure out how long you plan on grilling, and the amount of food you are cooking up too when considering how many people are going to be in attendance. 
  • Prepare Food & Supplies Beforehand – Speed up your cooking time even more with well-planned preparations before the holiday weekend. If you haven’t already started getting supplies and food together, now is the time. Allow yourself more time to chitchat with your BBQ attendees by not having to run around and get everything ready for the grill. If you plan on grilling something up like burgers, make sure the patties are already formed in advance. Maybe you’re a fan of a lot of freshly grilled veggies, in which case you also want to have them chopped up ahead of time. If you’re grilling up some kebabs, have a few already pre-made for guests to be able to quickly enjoy. Always be a few steps ahead, so that you never fall behind.
  • Ask Guests to Bring Snacks & Games – Finally, if you’re hosting the perfect Memorial Day party, don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring a snack or an outdoor game they love. Snacks can be enjoyed separately and away from all of the grilling taking place, while the games can get everyone of all ages involved in some backyard summer fun.

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